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Lee Braine, co-creator of Doriath, was kind enough to answer some questions about the game.  Many thanks to Lee (and Tim for putting me in touch).


Q:  What role did you play in creating Doriath?
A:  I did about a third of the game design and coding. 
Which ones are stalactites, and which ones are stalagmites again?
Q:  How long did it take to create the game? 

A:  Four weeks elapsed time, containing about 12 weeks effort in total. 
Q:  What was Ian Gray's role?  How did you know each other?
A:  All the people who worked on Doriath were friends from either Evesham or nearby towns.  
Ian Gray had the original idea for the game, did about two thirds of the game design and about 
two thirds of the coding (including the code for music and sound effects).  
 Co-creators Ian Gray and Lee Braine

Q:  Was Room A11 (A eleven) supposed to be so hard to get into?

A:  I suspect that only Dom Ashworth (who laid out the labyrinth) could honestly answer that...


Quasilin monster guarding room A11The very empty room A11
Q:  Is there a way to get the Quasilin amulet?  Or is this an impossibility? 

A:  We wouldn't have intentionally made it impossible to obtain an amulet!  Unfortunately, we wrote 
the game over 15 years ago and I simply can't remember the details... So, either that was done 
unintentionally or perhaps the game hasn't been completely solved yet ;-) 
The dastardly quasilin monster
Q:  Is walking into the Ice Dragon after obtaining all the scroll 
fragments the only way to beat Doriath? 

A:  Yes. 
Q:  Whose idea was it to loop that addictive "Hall of the 
Mountain King" music? 

A:  That was Ian Gray's idea. You may have heard that music
(arranged by Chris Cox) before in his 1983 adventure game 
"Heroes of Karn", which was published by Interceptor Micros. 

The cause, and solution to, all of life's problems?

Q:  What other games did you work on? 

A:  I submitted a list to C64 Game Guide a few years ago:  www.c64gg.com/People/Braine_Lee.html
Q:  What are you up to today? 

A:  I am a Manager at Accenture (a large management consultancy which I originally joined in 1992, 
when it was known as Andersen Consulting). 
Q:  What is your opinion of the current gaming industry? *UPDATED* 

A:  The games from the 1980s seemed more addictive, although perhaps I am biased! I haven't actually 
been involved in the games industry since 1985, but it matured very quickly during the 1980s and now 
appears as established as the film industry in many ways. So, I suspect that some of the original 
"pioneering energy and fun" may have reduced over the years.  It could be fun seeing Commodore 64
games converted to modern mobile phones -- imagine playing a Java/Mophun version of Doriath on a
Q:  Any other fond memories of Doriath or the Commodore 64? 

A:  Lots of fond memories of the goode olde Commodore 64 days... 

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