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Below are excerpts of some comments that I've received about the site from all around the world.  There is also a Fan Submissions page.  Thank you all!



From Sasami:

"I must say that I sincerely appreciate the existence of your site. You brought closure to a long-open wound, one that for years festered in the cave of the dragon that lived in the ice. For that, I am ever grateful--for the knowledge that it *wasn't my fault*!"


From Jonathan, hailing from Toronto, Canada:

"The map that you created was exceptional and the detail plan of action on how to obtain the potions was essential. I am extremely tired but I have just finished the game and it was brilliant...You drink the potion of life and you get stuck in the room forever or you leave but die. Fabulous!"


From Erland, hailing from Chile:

"Bueno, me despido en español, ojala sigas con esa pagina, que doriath no muera nunca."


From Jesper:

"What a fine site! Me and my friends also played Doriath a lot when we were kids and drew maps of it with pen and paper. We always wondered about that ending!"


From Olli:

"Your Doriath site simply rules!!! :)"



From Kevin:

"I saw your website it is very impressive. Doriath...in my opinion is the greatest game of all time."



From Rob:

"Congratulations on your most excellent site!!!  Some time ago I was actually thinking of putting something similar together, as Doriath has always been one of my favourite C64 games, but never got around to it -- yours is much better than what I would have come up with anyway...hehehe.  What a brilliant idea to put all those screenshots together into a map!!  I downloaded the whole lot, and they look great."



From CrimsonRush:

"Very nice! I was glad to find a site that featured one of my favorite games for C64!"



From Vesa, hailing from Finland:

"Hi! Thank you for saving my effort in not trying to get to room A11. Doriath itself is my favourite game I had for C64. Others that came close were Mule and Pyjamarama. It truly was a nostalgic moment to play those games a while ago after getting Vice. Thank you for the great pages you have on the subject."



From Topher:

"I stumbled into the Doriath Dungeon while looking for a way to get into the infamous room A11 (Thanks!)."



From Eugenio & Flavio, hailing from Italy:

"We're father (Eugenio, 49) and son (Flavio, 15) and we found your fantastic Doriath site (and it should be the 1st to be found when you search "Doriath" c64!)."



From Bernhard, hailing from Germany:

"I have played Doriath a lot back in the 80ies, but I seem to have forgotten the name of that game...only your site pointed me into the correct direction. I saw a lego movie recently, which also featured Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King" as a soundtrack, and only then it occurred to me to look for "grieg mountain king c64", and I found your site. So now I can play the game again. Thanks a lot."



From Denis:

"I just saw your incredible page. I have to say that Doriath is my most favorite game of all time.  I was one of the lucky guys who was able to beat the game with all the secrets :) I just played it so much and so often till I got it all. But directly after beating the ice dragon I started the game again! And now I saw your page and I'm thinking maybe to start it again :) Big thanks to all the guys who did this site."



From Chris:  

"Wow! I just ran across your site. Doriath is one of the most memorable games from my childhood. I spent hours and hours playing this game, and it was so rewarding to finally solve it. Thanks for making your site!"



From AJ, hailing from Germany:

"Doriath was my personal turnpoint in excessive gaming. An older colleague gave a copy around 1985 and I kept playing until 1990. Congratulations for your formidable and excellent page. I feel completely and utterly useless, because you've done all that, which I should have done years ago."



From Tim, hailing from USA:

"In memory of that great game that is Doriath. May the games of the past live on through our hearts! (And Emulation)."



From Sebastián:

"Thank God you published this website and Google crawled it. Sincerely, I have to congratulate you, it is excellent research about the game."


From Bodo, hailing from Germany:

"Greetings from Germany and thanks for your wonderfully designed Doriath page.  I was amazed to find people like you with the same eagerness to experience the secrets of the dungeons of Doriath."


From Flemming, hailing from Denmark:

"What a great site!  Many regards and thanks again for your site."


From Manny:

"I wanted to thank you for putting your Doriath site together.  Doriath was my favorite c64 game of all time (however, it was also the most stressful)."


From John:

"This is a great site dedicated to Doriath.  I loved every page of it and it brought back memories.  Your my story page closely mirrors my past with the c64."


From Paul:

"So glad to have found your website.  Thanks for bringing back those great Doriath memories!"


And finally, from Lee Braine (co-creator of Doriath) himself!

"I just received an email from someone mentioning your Doriath website and had a look. Wow -- you must have loved that game!"


Have a comment of your own you'd like to add?  Send me an email.

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