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A lovely Doriath font

Elidaan, the dragon, and the coronet


Here you will find a full transcription of the cover and inlay text, as well as the original, never-before-published (until now) Doriath background story.  Click on the below images for larger versions.


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It was Atelan, Lord of time who loved Fianna so much he bestowed upon her the Coronet of Arien, which gives immortality.  Fianna loved him not and Atelan’s rage was so great he cast the Coronet into the Deeps of Doriath protected by his terrible powers.


Many centuries passed.  Elidaan the Loremaster found the scroll of Fianna and read the ancient writings.  Great powers had he but the Coronet represented the most coveted promise – immortality.


* Vast scrolling labyrinth to explore * Superbly arranged title music * All the magical qualities of an excellent arcade adventure * Impressive graphics depicting the quest of Elidaan *


Designed and programmed by Ian Gray and Lee Braine.  Music by Chris Cox.




Use joystick in PORT 2.

Press ‘FIRE’ to enter the Deeps of Doriath.



LEFT/RIGHT – walks left or right

UP/DOWN – climbs up or down ropes or ladders.

LEFT/RIGHT + ‘FIRE’ – levitates left or right, from the ground, or off a rope or ladder.

UP whilst levitating, to catch hold of a rope or ladder.


You are able to cast certain spells, providing you have the correct amulets.  You begin with one spell only.  The spell in use is shown in the top right of the screen.  Pressing ‘SPACE’ changes the spell in use.  If you have that spell amulet, the spell name will be displayed in WHITE, if not, in PURPLE.  Certain creatures can only be killed with certain spells.



DOWN + ‘FIRE’ – summons the current spell (providing you have that amulet).

While holding down ‘FIRE’, the joystick moves the chosen spell around the screen.  Pressing ‘FIRE’ casts the spell at that screen position – if the correct spell is then touching a creature, the creature will disintegrate.

Spells can pass through air, wood and ropes.  Spells will stick to stone, metal, fire and water.  If this happens, release ‘FIRE’ and summon another spell.

There are many chests scattered throughout the Deeps, each of which contains something of value to Elidaan.  Open each chest by walking past it.  Inside will be one of the following:  (As depicted at the top of the screen).


STAMINA POTIONS:  Elidaan starts with 100% stamina.  Contact with evil creatures and their spells, or geysers, acid drips and sparks will lower his stamina.  If 2% is ever reached, Elidaan will die.  Drinking a potion restores 100% stamina.


PORTCULLIS KEYS:  These can only be used when standing exactly against a portcullis.


TRAPDOOR KEYS:  These can only be used when standing fully on top of a trapdoor.  The trapdoor will open:  Elidaan will fall through.


FUNGATA POTIONS:  Magic mushrooms grow in some caves, which have strange effects on Elidaan’s powers.  Their magic can be overcome by standing on top of each mushroom, and drinking a potion.


CLORONAR POTIONS:  Stand by the side of a plant shoot, and drink the potion.  See what happens, let it work to your defence!


The above objects are shown at the top of the screen, together with the number you are carrying.  Arrows indicate which object can be used.  Pressing ‘F1’ selects the next object, ‘F7’ actually uses one of those objects.

It is your goal to attain 100% wisdom and to find the eight fragments of the Riddlescroll of Wurrslea.  Together they tell where and how you may find the Coronet, and finally achieve immortality.  To view the scroll fragments collected so far, press ‘S’ and ‘S’ again to continue the game.


1. MAKE A MAP!!!

2. Use your stamina potions wisely – they can be carried until needed.

3. Any evil spells in a cavern will vanish if you leave and then re-enter it.  VERY useful!

4. Spell names contain hints as to their use – think and experiment.

5. To ‘win’ the game, it is vital that you fully understand the Riddlescroll, and do and die (Is this a clue?).


At long last, we finally know the name of our hero (Elidaan the Loremaster) and what all that hard work through the labyrinth was for (to find the Coronet of Arien, which offers immortality -- but at what cost?)
"Hints and Tips:  Make a Map!!!"  It only takes a few minutes of game playing to come to this realization!
"If 2% is ever reached, Elidaan will die."  Looks like someone made a typo (or a last minute change to the gameplay).
The "Riddlescroll of Wurrslea" has a name more confusing than the ending of Doriath (see below).
This whole time, we've been "levitating" our character (as opposed to "jumping"). I guess that explains how our hero survives those impossibly long falls.
"Vast scrolling labyrinth to explore."  No argument here.
"Superbly arranged title music."  Ditto!
"Magic mushrooms grow in some caves, which have strange effects on Elidaan’s powers."  Magic mushrooms with strange effects? Hmm...
Finally, read the full Doriath background story below!



Note from co-creator Lee Braine:  By the way, the original Doriath story had to be reduced significantly to fit the text into the allocated space on the cassette cover--here is the full unpublished original version (written by Ian Gray in 1985):

"Long ago, in the morning of the world, when magic ruled the Earth, the Peoples of the Dawn sailed from over the eastern seas, and mighty they were. To the simple tribesmen of the west, they seemed as gods; yet that was not so. For the
gods remained in Valanaar, the land beyond the Sunrise; all save Atelan, Lord of Time, who loved Fianna, a mortal maiden with hair gold as the dawn, and eyes blue as the summer sky. Such was the love that Atelan felt, that he bestowed upon her the Coronet of Arien, which gives immortality to any upon whose head it rests. Yet Fianna loved him not, for her heart was given to a mortal of her own race. In his anger, Atelan hurled the Coronet into the Deeps of Doriath, and surrounded it with terror, vowing that it should never again rest upon any mortal's brow.

Time passed, and the gods were forgotten. Fianna and her people were no more than fading runes on an ancient manuscript. Empires rose and fell, and the tales of creation died with their tellers, and magic was almost lost from the world. Yet, in the last days of the Empire of Losgar, Elidaan the Loremaster found the Scroll of Fianna in a hidden tomb, and read the ancient writing. Great powers had he, yet even he could not slow the relentless flow of the river of Time. The Coronet beckoned his soul with infinite promise, and thus it was that Elidaan went forth into Doriath."



Lee Braine writes: 

I doubt anyone could guess the derivation of that name!  So, here goes...  Ian Gray and I co-wrote the game Spirit of the Stones a few months before Doriath.  The game was inspired by a book also called Spirit of the Stones written by John Worsley John Worsley and Commodore sold about 30,000 copies of the game/book package.  41 diamond talismen were actually hidden on the Isle of Wight, with the book (and the game to a much lesser extent) containing riddles and clues to their locations.  As you progress through the Spirit of the Stones game, a short clue is revealed a character at a time, which is similar to the scroll in Doriath being revealed a fragment at a time.  So, the name "Riddlescroll of Wurrslea" is just a pun on the riddles of Worsley's book...

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