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These are various files, images, and other submissions of note, sent by Doriath fans from all over the world.  You may also want to visit the Fan Comments page, or submit something of your own.   Many thanks to everyone who sent these in!


An article from the December, 1985 issue of ZZAP! 64 magazine.  They review the game (and aren't very kind about it...)  Nevertheless, it's amazing that this still exists and was found by two very dedicated fans.  -submitted by Flavio & Eugenio.

click for full size  click for full size

A Doriath Desktop Theme, which includes wallpaper (both 800x600 & 1024x768), seven sounds, all three Windows logfiles (startup, shutdown, wait), icons and even animated cursors!  Visit the Doriath Desktop Theme site.  -submitted by Olli.

Click to visit Olli's Doriath Desktop Theme site

A 2kb midi file of the Halls of the Mountain King music.  -submitted by Tim.

Click for full image


Simply a work of art.  The rooms which, it turns out, you don't need to enter, have been greyed out.  Click on the image to view/download (larger version available on the downloads page).  -this amazing piece of work submitted by Chris. 


A text file with a complete list of cheat codes, including acquiring all items, all spells (including the Quasilin amulet) and receiving unlimited stamina.  Better yet, visit Rob's Doriath Cheats Site.  -submitted by Rob.


Click to see the full-sized version of one big labyrinth!

I wasn't the only one keen on making a map of Doriath!  The detail here can't be beat.  Click on the image to view/download.  -this amazing piece of work submitted by Topher. 


Thank Eugenio and Flavio for providing this rare treat

A true rarity!  An article on Doriath!  (Even more rare, is that it's in Italian).  Here's what Eugenio has to say about this:  The pages of the magazine dedicated to Merlino [which is the Italian title for Doriath].  Reading this text you find that "the Ice Dragon caused the death of hundreds of poor peasants" and "the Plebata Amulet allows the instant death of any monster". Nothing is said of the use of the "S" key to read scroll fragments.  We found this key trying to save the game.  -submitted by Eugenio and Flavio. 


Here's my translation (with the help of Flavio and Eugenio):


The Army Of The Dragon.


Immediately after loading you hear background music.  You press the fire button to begin (joystick in port 2).  In the cloths of an ancient magician you must kill a dragon that lives in the ice.  Guilty of having bloodied the region of Doriath and of causing the death of hundreds of poor peasants, it has taken refuge in a deep cave. 


But the magician Merlin is not far away, and goes to the cave with his magic, finding many treasure chests along the way.  His power against the army of the dragon is strong, with the spell by the name of Plebata that allows him to defeat any enemy.  The wisdom of the magician is tested to its limit, as different magic is required in different occasions. 


Pressing space selects the spell, and when the spell name turns white, then you can use the spell.  By keeping the fire button pressed you can direct the spell onto the enemy; release the fire button to use the spell.  In the following line you can see the number of stamina potions and keys you've found.  To use items, press F1 to move the selection arrow, and F7 to use.  The magician Merlin should have no problem defeating the evil Dragon made from ice.


Merlino, aka Doriath

Gotta love that addictive Doriath music!

On the left is an Italian software package, that includes the game Doriath.  Since it's from Italy, the title is "Merlino", which translates as "Merlin" from Arthurian legend.  On the right is the musical notation.  

I'll let Eugenio speak again:   I obtained this using the unregistered version of NoteWorthy Composer which you can download for free from the Internet.  This program allows you to obtain the music sheet of a midi file.  -submitted by Eugenio and Flavio. 


Definitely the work of a true artist

A hand-drawn, coloured map.  -submitted by Eugenio and Flavio.


There's nothing much on the right side of the map, anyway...

The full map, only half-coloured.  -submitted (yet again!) by Eugenio and Flavio.


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